We are really getting to know and love our "mates" at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior!

Our campers really enjoyed their songs, games, lesson, craft, and snack today - but it seems they are enjoying their new friends the best! We love seeing the 4 groups of "offsiders" (companions) become "Cobbers" (an excellent friend) by the end of the camp week.

Our memory verse today was John 11:25: "Jesus said, 'I am the resurrection and the life.'"

During lesson time, mates headed to the Zoomerang eucalyptus forest and met the beloved Paula the Koala. She explained that God made each mate to have a relationship with Him! This relationship only comes through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He died, taking their sins on His behalf. Then he was raised from the dead (resurrected), offering eternal life to those who receive it by faith. This is the fairest dinkum in Zoomerang. This is the greatest news!

Don't forget! Tomorrow is our free picnic for all campers and their families! Join us in the assembly room upstairs at 11:20 for our closing assembly (please note time change from the printed flyer!). Kids will show their parents all the verses and songs they learned this week, then at noon we will start our picnic. Hope you can join us!