Grace Bible Day Camp Junior is off to a great start! Nearly 80 preschoolers and kindergartners are probing the depths of science and imagination in our Time Lab. See a few pictures below from the first day!

On Day 1, we learned about Creation. Our memory verse was Colossians 1:16: "By Him all things were created."

In our Bible lesson, we learned that the Bible tells us that Jesus is God’s Son and God himself. He made time and lives outside of time, but he came into time at one point. Jesus is the most unique, fascinating, wonderful person who ever has or ever will live on earth. He created everything, including all the big stuff like the stars and the planets. He also created all the small things, like Flutter the Sparrow. The Bible tells us he knows about everything and cares about everything, even the smallest sparrow. Yet Jesus cares most of all about people! Jesus created you and loves you and cares very much about you.

Of all the people who have ever lived, ever led a religion, or ever claimed to be a deity, only Jesus has the credentials to deserve our worship and devotion.

Jesus always has been and always will be with us.