Grace Bible Day Camp Junior continued with a great Day 2! We are making fast friends with fellow time travelers and counselors.

Today our destinations included many places in the Old Testament where Jesus shows up! Our memory verse was Hebrews 13:8: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

We learned that Jesus always has been and always will be a promise keeper, from Old Testament times to forever.

When we read the Old Testament, we find accounts of Jesus Christ (not yet named Jesus) appearing to people such as Abraham and Moses, and we also find promise after promise about Jesus coming as a baby. This is because the whole Old Testament is about Jesus. In fact, the whole Bible is about Jesus! The Old Testament points to his coming. The beginning of the New Testament records that he came! And the rest of the New Testament points to his coming again.

Even though Jesus may take on different forms, such as the Angel of the Lord, a baby in a manger, and a person with a resurrected body, he’s still the same Jesus. His nature and attributes never change. He is still loving, compassionate, good, kind, perfect, and much more!

Check out the pictures of our day below. We played lots of fun games in the sun (while staying hydrated), made time traveler aprons, and learned a Bible lesson from Professor Eon and Auntie Meridiem!