Can you guess what was flying through time and space at Grace Bible Day Camp on Thursday? Water balloons!

Today our destination was Preparation. Our memory verse was John 14:2: "In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you."

We learned that Jesus always has been and always will be caring for his children — even now from heaven.

The main way we know Jesus came back to life is because the Bible, God’s true Word, tells us he did. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared on earth at least ten times to his disciples; he ate fish and bread with his disciples; and he appeared to more than 500 people at one time! Christians began worshipping on Sunday, and the Church (all of God’s people) began to spread and spread, until here we are today still talking about Jesus! The Bible also tells us that today Jesus is in heaven preparing an actual place for all believers to live; acting as our go-between with God; and protecting, caring for, and building the Church.

The Church may go through hard times because we’re living in a cursed, sinful world, and bad things sometimes happen. But the Church will never be destroyed, no matter what people try to do to it, because Jesus is protecting and caring for it. Jesus is always looking out for every one of his children. And our confidence that he lives to be the go-between with his children and his Father should provide a firm anchor for our souls as we rest in his saving power and look forward to living in the place he is preparing for us in Heaven.

Our morning game was a life-size version of "Hungry Hippos." We collected lots of balls with our baskets, and hardly scraped any knees!

In the afternoon, the younger groups had a water balloon tossing competition, then got to pelt the counselors (of the other team) with water balloons!

The older kids played "Go to the Mattresses." Four brave souls mattress surfed on top of their teammates! Then we played "Capture the Flag" -- with water balloons, of course!

Tomorrow is our last day of camp! Because we just don't want it to end, we're spending more time at a park in the afternoon and coming back to the church at 4:30 for our team awards. Parents are invited to join us at 4:45 pm for our closing program, and then for a free family picnic afterwards!