Nominations for elder and deacon open on Sunday, February 19! Members, get the details here.

One of the privileges of the local church is to choose our leaders from among the flock. Starting this Sunday through March 19, members may nominate qualified individuals for elder or deacon. See our church Leadership Manual for qualifications and pray about who you might nominate.

Function of Leadership Roles
  • The congregation approves major matters of the church, including leaders, budget, and building projects.
  • Elders spiritually oversee the church and recommend major considerations to the congregation.
  • Deacons help the elders prioritize spiritual ministry by physically assisting in specific ministry areas in order to maintain unity. (To this end, deacon nominations this year will require naming an area of ministry where they are needed to serve.)
Nominating Process

Nominating forms can be found on the Fellowship Hall counter by the windows (on the right side before entering the auditorium). Forms must be filled out completely and given to a member of the Nominating Committee by Sunday, March 19.

The Nominating Committee will post nominees on Sunday, April 2, allowing four weeks for members to review the names before the congregational vote on Sunday, April 30.

Our Annual Meeting Celebration will be Sunday evening, April 23.

In order to vote on a new year budget, any leadership nominations, and other business, we will need a quorum of 60% of members present. Please mark your calendars for April 23 and 30 and be a part of planning for the future of Grace Church!