From Salvation to Legacy

At Grace, we make it our priority to help you learn about God and develop a personal relationship with Him. From your first visit as a guest you will have the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one or small-group study of the Bible with a spiritual mentor. We are increasingly developing a culture of learning about Jesus Christ for everyone, according to Matthew 28:19-20. We offer a pleasant environment with many opportunities for genuine saints to become committed followers of Jesus Christ through personal, spiritual mentoring.

In addition to the blessing of having a personal mentor, Grace provides many other opportunities to learn and grow. Whether by yourself or with your mentor, you can take part in classes which address multiple Bible topics throughout the year.

Your Foundation

Study Foundations, twelve lessons teaching basic Scriptural truth, in a one-on-one Bible study. Contact Pastor Mike to be set up with a discipler.

Your Church Family

Join a membership class, an introductory Bible study on the local church. Watch the Sunday program for upcoming classes.

Your Service

God has given each believer a spiritual gift, which the church needs to function. Contact a pastor or ministry leader to get involved.

Goal: meet weekly with your discipler.

Your Devotional Life

Develop a Bible reading and prayer habit. Start with The God Who Hears by W. Bingham Hunter.

Your Walk

Study The Walk, lessons in applying the Bible, in a small group or with your discipler.

Your Role

Understand your role in the church: read The Trellis and the Vine; and in the world: read Evangelism for the Faint Hearted.

Goal: meet monthly with your discipler.

Your Deeper Learning

Apply the Bible to life with practical six-week Bible studies on Transformational Truth Topics (T3 classes). Watch the Sunday program for topics and registration.

Become a more effective disciple-maker and leader through Great Lakes Bible Institute’s advanced Bible and theology classes (credit or audit options). Contact Dr. Jude Leary or visit

Goal: meet regularly with your discipler for prayer and encouragement.

Your Faithful Example

All mature saints can demonstrate a Word-saturated life and encourage younger saints to develop the same pattern of living (Titus 2). Contact Pastor Mike to find a younger believer you can mentor.

Use your Spiritual gifts to grow into new levels of service. Prepare to leave an eternal legacy in the local church through the Aquila & Priscilla Ministry. Contact Harry Dodd.

Goal: meet occasionally with your discipler for mutual encouragement and wisdom.

Believers grow in the context of the local church through one-on-one discipleship.

Spiritual Disciplines of a Mature Disciple

Maturing disciples of Christ will progressively grow in these life-long habits personally and corporately.


Biblical Instruction – Learning and applying God's truth. We study, memorize, and seek to live out the Bible personally and corporately. Corporate instruction will include a regular emphasis on money, music, marriage, the home, spiritual gifting, and the church.

Personal Holiness – Practically living out God's instructions in everyday life, developing a lifestyle of holiness that brings glory to God and shows a testimony to others. Growing in the fruit of the Spirit and humility.


Fellowship – Fully engaging in the “one another” imperatives of Scripture.

Service – Learning our spiritual gifts and being involved in a ministry at our local church.

Disciple-Making – Building redemptive relationships that result in genuine, life-transforming conversions. Leading others along the path of growth.


Personal – Developing daily habits of Bible reading and prayer. Growing in stewardship of time, talents, and resources.

Corporate – Presenting ourselves as “living sacrifices” to our triune God in prayer, praise, and proclamation of God’s Word.

Win One, Lead One, Follow One, Take One

Our goal at Grace Church of Mentor is that every member would seek to fulfill the Great Commission, not just corporately as a church, but also individually:

Win One
Pray to see one friend come to Christ.
Lead One
Every believer can disciple another!
Follow One
Always have an older believer whose example you are following.
Take One
Grow in your knowledge with one bible class per year
Everyone Win One, Lead One, Follow One, Take One