Church Family Highlights

Tuesday at Grace Bible Day Camp

It was another jet-setting, action-packed day at Grace Bible Day Camp! Our team leaders were thrilled to see all the racers again. Today's theme was crazy sock day, and our racers did not disappoint! Check out all the crazy socks in the photos below. During our Bible lesson, we learned about the...

Monday at Grace Bible Day Camp

Our exciting race around the globe at Grace Bible Day Camp has begun! More than 200 racers have set out to discover how life is different in other parts of the world, but also that which we all have in common--Jesus Christ.

Life in the Middle Picnic

The Life in the Middle group has regular social events to enjoy fellowship on a more informal level. This month, they had a picnic at Gully Brook Park.


  • Ecclesiastes 4

    July 14th

    Two Are Better Than One. Solomon's examination of the apparent anomalies and contradictions that confront our lives every day continues in...

  • Ecclesiastes 3:11-22

    July 7th

    God’s Wisdom in the Natural Rhythms of Life. We have divided the third chapter of Ecclesiastes into 3 sections. God's Providence in the Natural...

  • Psalm 119

    June 30th

    You Need to Approach God's Word as Essential to Your Relationship with Him and Relevant to Your Daily Life. One thing you can find almost anywhere you go,...

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

    June 23rd

    God's Wisdom in the Natural Rhythms of Life. God has a personal plan for each person within His larger plan. Sometimes this truth is hard to believe when...