Grace Soccer Camp Recap

Over 70 young soccer players had a blast at this year's Grace Soccer Camp. They learned about fitness, nutrition, and the sport of soccer, in addition to a daily Bible lesson about God and His ultimate goal for us — to know His love and live securely in that love now and forever.

Grace Bible Day Camp Junior, Day 4

Grace Bible Day Camp Junior was so much fun! You couldn't fit more smiles and laughter in four days if you tried.

Grace Bible Day Camp Junior, Day 3

It was an exciting Day 3 at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior! We especially loved today's science experiment. You could say it was over-the-top!


  • Psalm 11

    July 15th

    What can the righteous do when the foundations are destroyed? The question posed in Psalm 11:3 addresses a human need. The wickedness around David, the...

  • Romans 12:10-12

    July 8th

    The Character of Christian Community, Part 2. We are studying the third section of Romans 12. When people are transformed by grace (Romans 12:1-2) and...

  • Romans 12:9

    July 1st

    The Character of Christian Community. Romans 12:9-16’s list of responsibilities may seem to have no rhyme or reason to their order, but they fit...

  • Romans 12:3-8

    June 24th

    The Activity of Humility. As a child, were you fascinated by small wonders like lightning bugs? G.K. Chesterton said, "What is wonderful about...