• Celebrating Christmas at Grace

    Every service this December celebrates Christ through the preaching of God's Word, joyful and vibrant singing, and genuine, loving fellowship. Save these dates for special opportunities to celebrate Christ's birth with the Grace Church family:

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  • Honor Dinner: November 12

    On Sunday, November 12, our military ministry will be honoring veterans, current service members, and first responders at their annual Honor Dinner. This event is free for anyone in those areas of service.

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  • Sunday Seminars in 2023

    We are excited to offer Sunday seminar classes in 2023! Get more details about what's being offered below.

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2 Timothy 2:1-2

December 3rd

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John 14:12-15

November 26th

Principles of Prayer: Jesus is going to depart, and the disciples cannot go with Him. Jesus says, “Do not let your heart be troubled (John 14:1).” While...

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John 14:7-15

November 19th

Believe in Jesus, Who Is Enough. The conversation with the disciples continues in John 14:7-15. Jesus is going away, and the disciples cannot go...

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Church Family Highlights

Friday at Grace Bible Day Camp

Friday was the last day of kingdom exploration at Grace Bible Day Camp!

Thursday at Grace Bible Day Camp

Thursday was another great day in the kingdom of Grace Bible Day Camp!

Wednesday at Grace Bible Day Camp

Today we learned about more armor from God to help us stand strong in the battle for truth at Grace Bible Day Camp!