Church Family Highlights

Celebrating Christmas at Grace

Get back to the real Christmas this December by putting the important things first. Take a moment out of the holiday hustle and bustle to focus on Christ. Every service this December celebrates Christ through the preaching of God's Word, joyful and vibrant singing, and genuine, loving fellowship. Save...

Fall Frenzy 2019

Our teens enjoyed a great time at this year's Fall Frenzy!

Disciple-Making Seminar

Over 125 pastors and lay leaders representing 56 churches from 22 states and 2 Canadian provinces were at Grace last week to learn about developing a disciple-making culture.


  • Ecclesiastes 11-12

    December 8th

    Wisdom in All Seasons of Life. Solomon offers more wisdom principles as he concludes the book of Ecclesiastes. He urges us to embrace good, simple...

  • Ecclesiastes 10-11

    December 1st

    Wisdom's Conclusions. Solomon has several concluding chapters as he shares wisdom on enduring the margin of mystery. The theme is similar to 1 Peter...

  • Psalm 15

    November 24th

    A heart prepared for worship is a matter of personal reflection and public testimony. What does it mean for our hearts to be prepared for worship?...

  • Ecclesiastes 9:11-18

    November 17th

    Joyfully Enduring Life's Inexplicable Mysteries. We are learning from Solomon how to live simply in the margin of mystery created by the...