Fall Frenzy Pictures

The youth group had tons of harvest-themed fun at this year's Fall Frenzy!

Pictures from HomeBuilders' Fall Picnic

Homebuilders is our group for families with young children. At their fall gathering, they met at the beautiful Concord Woods Nature Park for a bonfire, food, and some fun. Children and parents enjoyed a scavenger hunt, singing hymns by the fire, and good fellowship!

Pictures from Celebration of Service

September is our month to celebrate service in the local church. Throughout the month, volunteers are thanked for their service, and the whole church learns about ministry opportunities where we can get involved. The special emphasis culminates on the last Sunday of the month with an evening of...


  • The Prosperous Believer, Part 3

    October 23rd

    The Prosperous Believer, Part 3. The church doesn't function well unless the whole of ourselves is gathered with the whole of God's family and...

  • The Prosperous Believer, Part 2

    October 16th

    God's Possessions and God's Commission. Pastors can be hesitant to talk about the proper use of possessions. But if all of us belongs to God, then...

  • Acts 2:41-47

    October 9th

    The Prosperous Believer. What is the true center of global outreach? Are Christian training institutions central to Gospel work? Is the height of...

  • 1 Corinthians 12:4-13

    October 2nd

    The Spiritual Fabric of Local Church Existence and Progress. The local church is characterized by believers who love one another and are excited to...