Titus 2 Dinner

Every year, the Youth group invites the Maturity Matters group to join them for a meal. It's a great time to connect across generations, fellowship, and share wisdom!

Latin American Pastors' Fellowship

Arch Ministries and Grace Church of Mentor were able to be a part of a Discipleship Seminar and Latin American Pastors' Fellowship in Monterrey, Mexico, from March 12-14. Pastor Tim, Pastor Kent, and Jude Leary traveled south for the conference.

Youth Fellowship in February

The teens at Grace love to fellowship, and they've had plenty of opportunities to do so already this year!


  • 2 Timothy 1:1-7

    May 13th

    The Spiritual Influence of a Mother's Sincere Faith. Mothers are unique in their ability to influence each generation. In 2 Timothy 1:1-7, Paul...

  • Romans 11:11-32

    May 6th

    God's Mercy Is Everlasting. What Paul says about Israel in his context can be applied to religious people in our context. Even those who are stuck in...

  • Romans 11:5-10

    April 29th

    The Unwavering Mercy of God in Christ. In this section of Romans, Paul has been working through his sorrow and grief at the unbelief of his fellow...

  • Romans 11:1-4

    April 22nd

    The Unwavering Mercy of God in Christ. God created human beings to know Him. Though we fell into sin, which separates us from Him, God has prepared a way...