• Upcoming Events for the Year

    We hope knowing these dates ahead of time can help you plan to participate in many of our church family events this year!

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  • Ordaining an Elder

    We are thrilled to be preparing to ordain one of our elders, Tony Iorillo, this summer and to invite you (the congregation) to be a part of that!

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  • Annual Meeting 2024

    We’re looking forward to our annual meeting coming up! Our annual meeting has 2 official parts plus opportunity for questions and answers.

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Ephesians 1:7-12

July 7th

Praise God for Our Salvation, Part 2: Praise to the Son. In Christ, we are chosen by God and predestined to adoption as sons and daughters. These...

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Ephesians 1:1-6

June 30th

Praise God for Our Salvation, Part 1: Praise to the Father Today’s theme mimics a parable that Jesus tells in Matthew 20:1-16 about a landowner...

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Introduction to Ephesians

June 23rd

Introducing the Book of Ephesians. The church in Ephesus wasn’t having issues or spiritual concerns that Paul needed to address. Paul wrote the...

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Church Family Highlights

Thursday at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior

Today was the final day of our Great Jungle Journey cruise at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior.

Wednesday at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior

Our campers are making friends and really getting into the Jungle Journey cruise activities at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior! See a few pictures below from our third day.

Tuesday at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior

We learned about Catastrophe and Confusion aboard the Great Jungle Journey cruise today at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior – but don't worry, it wasn't all bad news!