• New Year Bible Studies

    January 5th

    Two 6-week Bible studies started back up in January. Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you have attended previous sessions or not!

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  • Wednesday Night Schedule

    January 5th

    On Wednesday night, join your group’s meeting at the church or online at 7 p.m. Please note the room assignments below. Thank you for your flexibility as we seek to make space for everyone!

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2 Corinthians 4:16-18

January 24th

Focusing on Spiritual Realities to Find Spiritual Renewal and Productivity. The world's allurements and performance-based external religion distract us...

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Selected Verses in 1 Peter

January 17th

Growing Pains Are Divinely Appointed for Our Growth. No one enjoys growing pains, but most would rather have pain than not be growing. The Bible...

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Luke 12:1-12

January 10th

The Requirements and Assurances of Being Christ’s Disciple. Luke presents Jesus as the Son of Man, rejected by Israel, offered to the Gentiles. In...

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Church Family Highlights

Candlelight Service

Though this year had to be a little different, we still had a wonderful time celebrating Christ's birth as a church family!

A Legacy of Grace

This year’s Christmas program focused on 5 women unexpectedly highlighted in the lineage of Christ, exploring how their stories show us God’s grace even today.

Fall Frenzy 2020

The Youth Group was so excited to enjoy this beautiful season at their annual Fall Frenzy on October 18.