Military Ministry Trip to Washington, DC

This month, Grace Church's military ministry took a 3-day trip to our nation's capital to visit several chaplains. The goal of the trip was to see how we can best minister to chaplains and their families. The group had a wonderful time encouraging these men, listening and learning from them, and...

Titus 2 Cookout

The Youth Group hosted our Maturity Matters group for a Cookout on a beautiful Wednesday evening.

May Baptisms

Six people took an important step of obedience on the first Sunday in May. They publicly acknowledged that they have been saved by faith in Christ and are living with Him as their Lord. Each testimony was a mini sermon!


  • Romans 5:1-11

    May 21st

    Peace, hope, and love are the blessings that come when a believer is justified by faith. These are all virtues that the world desperately seeks, but...

  • Romans 4:17-21

    May 14th

    Five Virtues of a Woman's Faith. Aspen, Colorado, has 6000 permanent residents, and 50 of them are billionaires. To some, living in Aspen is the...

  • Romans 4:1-16

    May 7th

    Grace Offered to All. Hebrews 11:6 says that faith is essential to please God. Many claim to have faith that helps them through difficult times. But...

  • Romans 4

    April 30th

    Grace Offered to All. In the church of Rome, the religious element was asking questions about the Gospel and good works. Paul is answering for...