Titus 2 Fellowship

Titus 2:1-8 illustrates the value of intergenerational relationships in the church. Because of this passage, we intentionally prioritize opportunities for the younger to learn from the older. This week, the youth group hosted the Maturity Matters group for food and fellowship.

Helping Northeast Ohio Pastors

Part of the mission of Arch Ministries is to assist and uphold pastors and church planters. One way Grace Church does this is by helping with practical, physical needs that can catch up with pastors busy with ministry. Last month, Pastor Kent and a small group of men had an opportunity to do just...

Arch National Pastors' Fellowship

Arch Ministries held its fifth annual National Pastors’ Fellowship this January in a new location: Community Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. Over two hundred church planters, ministry leaders, pastors and their wives attended from nearly all 50 states.


  • Ecclesiastes Overview, Part 3

    March 17th

    Living Life on Purpose. It's important to understand the God of wisdom before trying to understand practical living. Ecclesiastes has much to say...

  • Ecclesiastes Overview, Part 2

    March 10th

    Living Life on Purpose. Solomon's exhortation to "eat, drink, and be merry" does not mean we should live in excess, but simply that we must keep...

  • Ecclesiastes Overview

    March 3rd

    Living Life on Purpose. We continue to build an overview of the book of Ecclesiastes before diving into the detail of this book of wisdom.

  • Introduction to Ecclesiastes

    February 24th

    Living Life on Purpose. We have spent the first part of this year studying how to walk in a way that pleases God by living His character. The next...