Grace Bible Day Camp Junior, Days 2-3

Grace Bible Day Camp Junior was so much fun! You couldn't fit more smiles in three days if you tried.

Pictures from Grace Soccer Camp

Over 70 young soccer players are attending this year's Grace Soccer Camp. They're having a blast learning about fitness, nutrition, and soccer, in addition to a daily Bible lesson about God and His ultimate goal for us — to know His love and live securely in that love now and forever.

Pictures from Grace Bible Day Camp Junior

We have a great group of preschoolers and kindergartners this year for Grace Bible Day Camp Junior! See a few pictures below from the first day!


  • Romans 7:1-13

    July 16th

    Avoiding a Pitfall to Spiritual Growth. Romans 6-7 are all about how a Christian becomes more Christ-like after he or she comes to know Jesus....

  • Psalm 2

    July 9th

    A Portrait of Divine Authority. Certain events in life forcefully remind us that we are not in charge. Psalm 2 reveals who is...

  • Psalm 1

    July 2nd

    Psalm 1. As humans, we need to understand the axioms of existence. What is the big picture? What are the fundamental presuppositions of the...

  • Romans 7

    June 25th

    The Pitfalls of Religious Externalism. Sinclair Ferguson compared studying Romans to climbing Mount Everest. We are in the midst of the book's third...