Military Ministry: Operation Christmas

The Military Ministry at Grace Church reaches out to veterans and active service members all year round. This time of year, they make a special effort to let those currently serving know they are remembered at Christmas.

Christmas Drama: Beneath the Dusty Moon

During the joyful season of Christmas, Lisbeth Warren recollects the struggles of life and faith with her family in the Oklahoma Dust Bowl.

Life in the Middle Christmas Party

Life in the Middle, our group for those in their 40s and up, had a great time at their Christmas party early this month!


  • Luke 2:25-38

    December 23rd

    The Wisdom of Anticipation: Old Testament. The longer you walk with the Lord as your Savior, the more you long to see Him face to face. This was...

  • 1 John 4:7-14

    December 16th

    The Divine, Practical Purpose of the Incarnation. Love is talked about often during the Christmas season. The love of God in our hearts produces...

  • Romans 16:25-27

    December 2nd

    The Song of Gospel Praise, Part 2. Romans 16:25-27 may not be a song, but these are glorious words spoken about God. They encapsulate our focus as...

  • Romans 16:25

    November 25th

    The Song of Gospel Praise. Setting goals and achieving them is a reflection of God's image in humans. Focusing on one thing has proven to produce...