Youth After Church and Ultimate Challenge

The Youth Group is wrapping up summer with more times to hang out and our highly-anticipated basketball competition.

Sunday Morning Meet and Greet

A couple Sunday morning Bible Hour groups applied Pastor Tim's recent sermon immediately to their lives!

Friday at Grace Bible Day Camp 2018

We simply did not want the fun at Grace Bible Day Camp to end! So we made Friday an extra-long day and added a picnic!


  • Romans 14:1

    September 16th

    Love and Its Consideration. How do groups of believers who are growing at different rates remain considerate of each other in the body of Christ?...

  • Romans 13:12-14

    September 9th

    The Influence of Light in a Culture of Darkness. The best way to proclaim that you're redeemed is by the way you live. The Gospel makes a...

  • Romans 13:11-12

    September 2nd

    Love's Active Anticipation. Romans 12-16 practically applies the doctrine of chapters 1-11. How do we practically apply doctrine in our culture, in...

  • Romans 13:1-7

    August 19th

    A Servant of God for Good. Romans 13 must be read in the context of Romans 12. Great Commission living characterized by love includes our lives as...