Church Family Highlights

Arch Ministries Work Trip to Wyoming

Grace Church of Mentor sent a team of 7 to help an Arch pastor finish construction of his house as the Wyoming winter approaches.

Youth Missions Trip to Canada

A group of older teens traveled to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to help Brad Young with teen and family camps for a week.

Ultimate Challenge Recap

The Ultimate Challenge is a fall highlight for anyone who likes basketball.


  • Ecclesiastes 7

    September 15th

    Wealth, Wisdom, and Eternal Purpose. We are studying the third section of Ecclesiastes, which instructs us on how to rejoice in hard times. Joy is...

  • Ecclesiastes 6:10-12

    September 8th

    Wisdom’s Direction for the Questioning, Hurting Heart. Life is a gift from God to be lived on purpose with joy. Our joy must be connected to living...

  • Ecclesiastes 6:1-9

    September 1st

    Wealth and Eternal Purpose. In Ecclesiastes 6:1-9, Solomon applies wisdom to apparent injustices that can cause roadblocks in our lives. It is...

  • Ecclesiastes 6

    August 25th

    Eternal Purpose in the Midst of Apparent Injustice. The next section of Ecclesiastes we will study is Ecclesiastes 6:1-8:15. The beginning of...