Youth After Church and Ultimate Challenge

The Youth Group is wrapping up summer with more times to hang out and our highly-anticipated basketball competition.

Sunday Morning Meet and Greet

A couple Sunday morning Bible Hour groups applied Pastor Tim's recent sermon immediately to their lives!

Friday at Grace Bible Day Camp 2018

We simply did not want the fun at Grace Bible Day Camp to end! So we made Friday an extra-long day and added a picnic!


  • Romans 15:30-33

    October 14th

    Prayer and Gospel Progress. Where do we find real success and real help in our evangelistic efforts? No Gospel outreach is ever effective unless it...

  • Romans 15:1-29

    October 7th

    Healthy, Loving Unity Becomes the Platform for All Gospel Advancement. The Gospel will advance from a healthy church. There is nothing sensational or...

  • Romans 14:13-23

    September 30th

    Love and Liberty. We have been studying Paul's instructions on weak and strong Christians. (See previous sermons on this chapter.) Romans 14:13-23 gives...

  • Romans 14:2-12

    September 23rd

    The Considerate Nature of Love. Paul talks about two categories of Christians in Romans 14, the strong and the weak. Every believer falls under one...