• Upcoming Events for the Year

    We hope knowing these dates ahead of time can help you plan to participate in many of our church family events this year!

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  • Ordaining an Elder

    We are thrilled to be preparing to ordain one of our elders, Tony Iorillo, this summer and to invite you (the congregation) to be a part of that!

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  • Annual Meeting 2024

    We’re looking forward to our annual meeting coming up! Our annual meeting has 2 official parts plus opportunity for questions and answers.

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Luke 15:11-32

June 16th

The Heavenly Father and the Prodigal Son “Dear Heavenly Father” is how we open many prayers, but why do we say that? Why do we call God our Father? Do we...

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Selected New Testament Passages

June 9th

The Progress of the Church and our Personal Responsibility. Why does the church do what it does? Why do we gather? Why don't we do certain things? We...

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John 21:18-25

June 2nd

Jesus’ Demand for His Disciples (John 21:18-25) John ends his gospel by describing the way that Peter will die. His Master uses dialogue to address this...

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Church Family Highlights

Titus 2 Dinner

Every spring, the teens in our youth group invite the Maturity Matters group (senior saints) to a special fellowship night.

Save the Date for Jungle Journey!

It's almost time for GBDC 2024: Jungle Journey!

Installing a New Senior Pastor

January 7, 2024, was another significant day in Grace Church of Mentor history. We celebrated the Lord’s guidance for our church’s future in transitioning to our next senior pastor.