Pictures from the Ultimate Challenge

The competition was intense in the Mentor High gyms as teams furiously competed for the top spot on the court.

Teen Work Trip to NYC

Pastor Steve, Pastor Kent, and a group of teens and men traveled to New York City to help church-planting Pastor Tim Richmond. All 17 people stayed in the Richmonds’ home while they took on multiple tasks to renovate the house’s exterior.

Friday at Grace Bible Day Camp

Friday was the last day of Grace Bible Day Camp (tear). Today was Team Spirit Day, so it wasn't too hard to tell between the Magma Monsters and Lava Legends! Which team came out on top?


  • Romans 8:1-4

    August 13th

    No Condemnation: Our Eternal Standing in Christ. Christian parents often tell their children, "There is nothing you can do to change my love for...

  • Romans 8

    August 6th

    The Safest Place in the World. Our human fascination with the science of preservation, mummification, and time travel fiction reveal a deep desire to...

  • Romans 7:14-25

    July 30th

    Saved by Grace – Grown By Grace. We cannot be saved by grace and grown by the law. Trying to grow ourselves or others by the law is setting up any...

  • Psalm 8

    July 23rd

    As Creator, God has revealed his majesty and has given us dignity – all so that we might worship Him! The following is a quotation from scientist...