1. It looks like there are two separate camps. Can I select which camp my child goes to, especially if he or she has a sibling in that camp?

    We want your child(ren) to have the best possible experience. Because there is a pretty big developmental difference between the 2 camps we won’t allow exceptions to be made. Keeping your child with their age group is the best ingredient for success.

  2. Do I have to register online in order for my child to attend?

    Not at all! We love walking and…love walk-up registrations too! But if you register now…you'll be that cool parent you've always wanted as a kid.

  3. If I register online what do I do next?

    Come on the first day of the camp and look for the pre-registered line.

  4. What form of payment do you accept for GBDC?

    We accept credit cards online. We accept cash or check only for walk-up registration.

  5. Does my child have to attend every day of camp?

    No! If he/she can’t attend a day—no problem! We’re certain they will be disappointed and mad at you for robbing them of a GBDC day, so be sure you can live with the consequences!

  6. Who runs GBDC?

    We are caring, loving people that are passionate about serving your children. We are teachers, secretaries, business people, pastors, etc., and we love to have fun, put on skits and display the love of Jesus Christ. Our staff is made up of the members of Grace Church of Mentor. We have up-to-date policies and procedures for all members of Grace Church that work with children.

  7. I see GBDC is a fun place, but is it safe for my child?

    Absolutely! Your child’s safety is our top priority. You will find our facility clean, well-kept, and up-to-date with safety standards. We have a registered nurse present and an established incident plan.

  8. I heard there is something special going on Friday?

    Yes. Families of GBDC participants are invited to a fun closing program and a free picnic on Friday. For the Preschool and Kindergarten camp the picnic will be at noon. For the 1st thru 6th grade camp we will extend GBDC to 5:00pm on Friday. Families are invited to stay for a free picnic!

  9. My child has specific medical/allergy concerns. Can you handle that?

    Absolutely! We have an on-site nurse and our staff is trained to handle most special concerns. There are several places on the registration form where you can indicate your concerns. If we have any questions, we will contact you for more details.

  10. How do you transport the children to a local park? (1st thru 6th Grade only)

    We use school buses and fully-licensed bus drivers to transport your children. In fact, there is more adult supervision on these trips than regular school transportation.

  11. Do campers need to bring their own lunch?

    It depends on the camp. For junior week, campers are dismissed at noon prior to lunch. For 1st-6th grades, campers should bring a bagged lunch. Your child’s lunch will be stored in their group's cooler until lunch time.

  12. What should my child wear?

    Children should wear athletic/tennis shoes with socks and comfortable shorts/shirts. On hot days we play water games, but they shouldn’t need swimsuits. They may bring sunscreen, but we recommend applying it ahead of time for the day.

Still have questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us!

Call: 440.255.7045