Theme: Prioritizing the Gospel through prayer, planning, and purpose.

It seems everyone nowadays wants to influence those around them for the sake of a philanthropic platform. As Christians, we are to have similar influence in our immediate vicinity and globally for the Gospel.


Theme: Our gospel disposition remains humbly and kindly purposeful.

As we continue to review our responsibility to evangelize the lost, we must remember that the Gospel is not just any good news, but the Good News of the Lord Jesus – eternally the son of God, who was born of a virgin and came for a purpose, who died for our sin, was buried, resurrected, ascended, and is coming again.

We now look at our Personal Humility that should accompany our Proclamation of the Gospel.


Theme: The primary way to demonstrate the glory of God to our culture is by living and sharing the Gospel.

Grace Church of Mentor exists to glorify God by evangelizing the lost and equipping the saints with the goal of Christ-likeness.

The Good News of the Gospel is simply the story of Jesus Christ and why He came to earth. It cannot remain simply intellectual data. We must believe it in our hearts and live it for everyone around us to see.