Names to Pray for — 2020

Sammy, Karla, Lukas, Adam, Audrie, Mason, Bella, Jack, Charles, Erik, Sam, Braden, Tomy, Jared, Hope, Nate, Paul, Steve, Jack, Randy, Amy, Samantha, Scott, Sabrina, Preston, James, Dan, Carissa, Katie, Ella, Savana, Sunny, Rayburn

Wednesday, February 12

  • Mrs. Allegra's mom broke her shoulder; her dad also has bad health
  • Juliana - Cheri got a concussion.
  • Melia's aunt Mari's health
  • Health in general
  • Mrs. Kate - Natalie got saved!

Sunday, February 2

  • Hollie - Cousin Amanda; Please pray for an opportunity with a coworker.
  • Sophie - Dad was diagnosed with cancer.

Wednesday, January 29

  • Scott
  • Sabrina
  • Leah A. - Audrie is on life support
  • Julianna - Grandpa has lung cancer
  • Leah T. - Dad's health