Names to Pray for — 2020

Sammy, Andrew, Sammy, Lucy, Preston, Abby, Corey, Nathan, Lucas, Case, Alex, Kosta, Adam, Chaz, Owen, Mackenzie, Morgen, Shrinity,

Sunday, August 16

  • Leah - Health
  • Richards - Grandparents have Covid-19, but are on the mend
  • Mr. Major is getting better, but needs encouragement
  • Josh - Opportunities with golf team
  • Emma - Opportunities with Mackenzie
  • School is starting soon

Wednesday, August 12

  • Nathan got stung and had to go to the ER

Sunday, August 9

  • Josh T. - Got a new job
  • Josh L. - Opportunities with golf team
  • Malia - Natia had to go to the hospital
  • Shababy family
  • Aaron
  • Hollie - Going to Virginia Beach with some friends, please pray for gospel opportunities.
  • Gracie - Dad is away, helping with a VBS