Names to Pray for — 2020

Sammy, Karla, Lukas, Adam, Audrie, Mason, Bella, Jack, Charles, Erik, Sam, Braden, Tomy, Jared, Hope, Nate, Paul, Steve, Jack, Randy, Amy, Samantha, Scott, Sabrina, Preston, James, Dan, Carissa, Katie, Ella, Savana, Sunny, Rayburn, Adam, Alex, Jessica, Caleb, Cade, Katherine

Wednesday, March 25

  • Kyle - Dad's health
  • Mr. Major's health and recovery from his surgery; he will also have to do chemo and radiation
  • Mr. Chris - opportunities with his cousin and his cousin's wife

Wednesday, March 18

  • Seth - Might be going to South Carolina, please pray for safety
  • Kate Kubiak - Aunt's health
  • Mr. Chris - Wisdom, opportunities with dad
  • Safety for senior saints
  • Those in the restaurant industry, including Mr. Barnett
  • Majors - Dad's recovery from surgery; he will also have to go through radiation and chemo.

Sunday, March 1

  • Julianna - Cheri is out of school with a concussion.
  • Pastor Steve and Charla had their baby!
  • Leah - Please pray for witnessing opportunities with cousin.