Names to Pray for — 2019

Mack, George, Erin, Kiara, Garret, Angel, Brandon, Michael, Aiden, Logan, Maggie, Ella, Joe, Rudy, Justice, Mr. Couch, Hannah, Bella, Laura, Denis, Sam, David, Braden, Giana, Greg, Leah, Nick, Zach, Connor, Natalie, Steven, Misty, Randy, Amy, Chuck, Tyler, James, Gracyn, Caleb, Molly, Fisher, Kyle, Anthony, Mick, Frank, Sarah, Mike, Lee, Crystal, Jeremiah, Hope, Garrison, Joe, Kiara, Jessica, Susan, Tony, Carl, Jack, Jon, Lia, Riley, Andrew, Dan

Sunday, August 18

  • Julia - Uncle's workshop burnt down
  • Yoli - Got rear-ended, but everybody is okay
  • Holly - Cousin Clay's health
  • Leah - Cousin's health

2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, August 11

  • Holly - Discipling with Emily
  • Jessica - Home inspection passed
  • Simon - (Praise) Grandma is doing well

Job 5:8-20

Sunday, July 7

  • Aiden and Justin are leaving for Boot Camp with the Marines soon.
  • Jacob - Grandpa is home and doing well after surgery.
  • Jeremy - Mom is visiting at the end of the month, please pray for witnessing opportunities.