We understand how critical it is that parents can trust the people watching their children. Who can focus on a church service while they’re worried about their kids? Parents also want to know that their kids are enjoying themselves. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving environment for children to enjoy while their parents take part in worship.

A Safe Place to Leave Your Children

Child care safety is a priority at Grace, and one which we take seriously. Here are some of the measures we take to ensure your child’s safety:

Age-Appropriate Play

We have five age groups, from newborn to kindergarten, so your child will play with kids his or her own age.

Trustworthy Staff

Our volunteer staff are all faithful members at Grace. All adult volunteers submit to a background check and receive ongoing reminders of appropriate behavior for workers in our ministry. We maintain sensible accountability measures to ensure that children and adults are never left alone.

Health & Safety

Children play with toys designed for their ages. Toys and other items are regularly cleaned, sanitized, and checked for safety. There is always a licensed medical professional on call to handle emergencies. We hold periodic emergency drills and have a team of leaders designated to assist the child care staff in the event of an evacuation.


We use an efficient check-in system to ensure that every child is picked up by an authorized adult. Our Child Care Wing is under constant watch before, during, and after services. A single point of entry ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the Child Care Wing. We keep in contact with local law enforcement and we monitor security bulletins for potential concerns.

Dedicated Facilities

The Child Care Wing includes a private bathroom for potty breaks. Nursing mothers are free to use our mothers' room complete with rocking chairs, changing table, and a sink.

A Fun, Loving Environment to Learn and Grow

We go to great lengths to provide a fun environment for little ones. Your child will love coming to church at Grace. Here’s why:


Our child care staff follow a consistent service schedule, so both you and your child will get to know them well. Our workers will quickly learn your child’s habits, preferences, and special dietary needs. They’ll let you know if they see something out-of-the-ordinary.

Games, Crafts, & Bible Truth

Toddlers and kindergarteners enjoy structured activities, including special trips to our Play Room and Craft Room. They’ll also take part in fun, simple Bible lessons on topics such as the creation and the Trinity.

Learn More

Want to know more about child care at Grace? Check out our Child Care Guidelines.