When you first visit our childcare facility, you must stop at the Welcome Desk to register your child/children ages newborn to Kindergarten. At the Welcome Desk, the Childcare Coordinator will give you a welcome packet containing our Childcare Handbook and emergency procedures, and ask you to fill out a registration card with your basic contact information. The Childcare Coordinator will then show you to your child’s room to check-in.

At check-in, both you and your child will receive matching tags. Please do not lose your tag; you will need it to check-out your child. Your child’s tag will be attached to his or her clothing.

If you bring any items for your child (sippy cups, pacifiers, bottles, blankets, or diaper bags), please make sure that they are labeled with his or her name. You may also write down any special instructions for your child when you check them into their classroom.

Additional Guidelines

You are welcome to borrow a childcare pager, available at the Welcome Desk. Please wear your pager at all times. If an issue arises the childcare staff will notify you, and your pager will vibrate and display a text message.

If your child is in diapers, please provide enough diapers and wipes for the amount of time that you plan to leave you child in the classroom. If your child is potty training or already trained, the childcare staff will take them to a nearby restroom. Please bring a change of clothes for your child in case of an accident.

If your child has been ill within the previous 24 hours (fever, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and uncommon rashes) please do not bring him or her to the childcare facility. Please understand that, for the health of the other children, we cannot permit your ill child to be admitted. If your child begins to feel ill during a service, we will contact or page you promptly.

We provide age-appropriate snacks in all of our classrooms. If your child has a food allergy, please alert the Welcome Desk and your child’s caregiver. If you bring a special snack, our staff will make sure to give it to your child.

Only parents/caregivers that have the tag may pick up their children. Our childcare staff will verify that your tag matches the tag of the child being released to you. Children cannot be released to their siblings under age 18. If you have borrowed a pager, please return it to the classroom or the Welcome Desk at this time. The check-out process may take a few extra moments, but these procedures are designed for the safety of the children.