Lap 2 was filled with excitement as we took a detour from sight to faith!

It was a hot day on the track. Racers at the Maintenance Shack put together their Detour Derby trophies. The Owner's Suite took a detailed look at the detour from sight to faith. Racers learned to have faith in the power of the resurrection just like Abraham had faith God could resurrect Isaac if he sacrificed him. Racers at the Checkered Flag Challenge drove the official Detour Derby scooters and had to avoid the falling rocks and rain! Finally, the Pit Stop Fuel Depot gave our racers what they needed for the day with our songs, bible verse, and snack! Find the video here which consists of our theme, song, and verse for the day and check back daily as each lap is recapped.

Remember, you should bring your racing pass back everyday. You do not need to bring back your racing bag. I hope you’re ready for lap 3 as you will detour from self to service!