We had another fun filled lap today. Racers at the Checkered Flag Challenge tried to get around the track as they were chased by the Detour Derby Police!

The Pit Stop Fuel Depot had a refueling snack and video with Fancy Francine to help with the lap 3 song, bible verse, and theme. The Maintenance Shack made a handy tool box to keep with them in case of any breakdowns. Finally, the racers at the Owner's Suite learned about detouring from self to service. We learned that like Peter, when we follow Jesus we need to serve Him and not expect it the other way around.

Come back tomorrow for our final lap detour from fear to courage! Remember, you should bring your racing pass back. I love seeing those Progress Trackers fill up with stickers! You do not have to bring the racing bags back. Cannot wait to see you for our final lap tomorrow!