By the third day of Grace Bible Day Camp, we are really getting to know our way around Mystery Island! We had some great team cheers and very loud (and pretty) singing for points.

This afternoon, we played a game like Capture the Flag with clothes pins and flags and pools full of plastic balls (sounds complicated, but it was fun!). The whole camp saw who could last longest in a balloon toss. Some of our campers' and counselors' catching was very impressive!

After lunch every day, we have a special time of talking with our counselors about what we learned from the Bible that day.

Today we tracked down the truth that God is RULER. God is the majestic King over all the universe. Even though we cannot see God, He is King over it all. God created everything, so He rules over everything! This means He gets to tell us what to do. If you don’t obey the king, there are consequences. All of us fall short of God’s glory because we cannot perfectly obey Him. He has a right to punish us unto death and Hell. This is definitely “Bad News” for you and me. Thankfully, God shows us such mercy and grace. We will discover the “Good News” tomorrow as we continue to track down the one true God.

Our treasured memory verse for the day was Isaiah 6:3: "And one called to another and said: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!”"

See some pictures from our day below: