Arch Ministries held its first-ever national pastors’ fellowship at Calvary Baptist Church in Winter Garden, Florida, this February. Grace Church of Mentor also sent a work missions team to help the host church during the fellowship.

Everyone gets tired of winter weather at this time of year. So Grace Church of Mentor took an evening to get together as a church family and chase away the winter blues. We enjoyed delicious food, warm fellowship, and beautiful musical performances by our own young people attending the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Our friend Rose took an important step of obedience and was baptized on March 1. Her testimony was so outstanding, we had to share some of it.

It's been a long winter. Our boots are soaked, our snow-shoveling muscles are aching, and we're all itching for springtime. But that's okay, because it's almost time for the annual Cabin Fever Dinner!

This year's Christmas program, Christmas Traditions, included reverent choir music and drama which underscored the brevity of life and the importance of relationships—particularly, our relationship with Jesus Christ.