We are excited to announce two new apps for making disciples and staying connected, at Grace Church and beyond!

Arch Ministries held its seventh annual National Pastors’ Fellowship this January at Community Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. The event was scaled down quite a bit given our unique circumstances this year, but we were still thrilled to welcome over a hundred church planters, ministry leaders, pastors and their wives.

At Grace Church, we are blessed with a church family that spans all age groups. From time to time, we like to combine these groups to fellowship and learn together. The Youth Group and College & Career did just that on a Wednesday in January.

Though this year had to be a little different, we still had a wonderful time celebrating Christ's birth as a church family!

This year’s Christmas program focused on 5 women unexpectedly highlighted in the lineage of Christ, exploring how their stories show us God’s grace even today.