It was another great time-travelling day at Grace Bible Day Camp! We were so happy to see our time travelers and time keepers again. A lot of friendships are forming already!

Our journey through the space-time continuum at Grace Bible Day Camp has begun! Just over 190 time travelers are probing the depths of science and imagination in our Time Lab. See a few pictures below from the first day!

Twenty-five teens and young adults joined forces for this year's youth missions trip at the end of June. They traveled to Houston, Texas, to help Arise Baptist Church reach their community and complete some work projects. They also had the opportunity to help a nearby church with their VBS, where 9 children came to know the Lord as their Savior!

Over 70 young soccer players had a blast at this year's Grace Soccer Camp. They learned about fitness, nutrition, and the sport of soccer, in addition to a daily Bible lesson about God and His ultimate goal for us — to know His love and live securely in that love now and forever.

Grace Bible Day Camp Junior was so much fun! You couldn't fit more smiles and laughter in four days if you tried.