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Schedule for the Year


Course Descriptions for Quarter 1 (January 8 to March 12)

Biblical Church Leadership

The goal of this seminar is to equip our church to know and articulate what the Bible says about church leadership by primarily exploring titled leadership of the church, how all believers (men, women and children) fit into the conversation of leadership, the similarities and difference with leadership in our culture today (including the abusive leadership trends permeating Christian churches), and what every church member's responsibility is for current and future leadership—the future of our church is at stake!

Book of Galatians

An expositional study through Paul's letter to the Galatians.

Denominations in American History

This seminar will explore the origin and reason behind the 6 major Protestant denominations. Key similarities and differences will be identified to better appreciate and understand others (both believers and unbelievers) in our communities as to their faith and practice.

  • Those taking this seminar will be able to better articulate and appreciate the key similarities between the denominations and Grace Church of Mentor as well as key differences.
  • Those taking this seminar will be better able to understand and explain to those we disciple and evangelize why Grace Church of Mentor is a non-denominational church.
Educational Choices

An important decision facing every family is where their children (young, adolescent, and young adult) will be educated. Using a biblical approach, this seminar will survey education in the Bible as well as the options available to families today. By the end of this seminar, one should be able to understand the importance of learning environments (home, church, and community), recognize the pros and cons of different educational options (Christian day school, homeschool, private school, and public school), and the need for parents to wisely discern what is best for each of their children both academically and spiritually.

Women's Study through 2 Peter

This women's seminar will be a paragraph-by-paragraph study of the three chapters of the New Testament book of 2 Peter. After taking this seminar, ladies should better understand the nature of the true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, the presence of false teachers in the church, and how to diligently apply themselves to the Word of God to ensure growth in discernment between the pseudo-knowledge of false teachers and the true knowledge of Christ as they mature toward the anticipation of His coming.

Making Disciples: A Biblical Perspective

As a believer it’s good to think in two veins. It is good for us to think about who I am in Christ and what I do for Christ. This second concern is the concern of this seminar. Unlike our Old Testament counterparts who found the answer of “doing” in fulfilling covenant obligations, we in the church find the answer of “doing” in a new way of life! This life is life eternal, a life that ends in flourishing. Come join us as we refresh our thinking into the why, what and how of this new lifestyle Jesus Christ insists we embrace.

  • Students will be able to articulate strategies of life style exemplified by Jesus’ life.
  • Students will be able to explain why "trellis work" must never overtake "vine work" in the life of Grace Church of Mentor.

Room Assignments

Please note these are subject to change based on registration and capacity.



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New Connections/Membership Class

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Book of Galatians



Biblical Church Leadership

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Denominations in American History

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Educational Choices

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Women’s Study of 2 Peter

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Making Disciples

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