Based on your feedback, the elders have made a few modifications to our schedule for next year.

9 AM: Sunday School & Life Groups

Life Groups will meet for fellowship and teaching, including children and youth. These groups will break for Church Family Gatherings a few times a year (New Year, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Christmas).

Meeting Upstairs:

  • College & Career – Zoom Room 208-210
  • High School Sunday School – Youth Room 206
  • Middle School – Youth Room 204
  • HomeBuilders – Room 201
  • Ladies Life Group – Library Room 200

Meeting Downstairs:

  • Life in the Middle – Family Room
  • Maturity Matters – Auditorium
  • Young Marrieds – Fellowship Hall
  • First Five Years – Berean Room
  • New Connections/Membership Class – Shepherds Room
10 AM: Morning Worship

Morning worship will remain the same.

6 PM: Evening Preaching
  • 1st-3rd Sundays: Evening Preaching (no childcare)
  • 4th Sunday: One Another Sunday (left open for Life Group fellowship, getting to know new people, and discipling at home)
  • 5th Sunday: Outreach Sunday

Leaders will still meet on the 1st week of every month. Member Care Meetings will take the place of preaching two or 3 times per year.


This schedule will begin January 7 with a whole-church fellowship at 9 a.m. and evening preaching at 6 p.m. Life Groups will resume meeting on January 14.