Grace Bible Day Camp Junior continued with a great Day 2! We are making fast friends with fellow incredible racers and our counselors.

Today we raced over to the Tower of Babel. Our memory verse was James 4:8: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

From the beginning of our Incredible Race with Adam and Eve, everyone in the whole earth spoke the same language. God told them to go and fill the whole earth. In Genesis 11, we learn that people began to migrate to the Middle East.

Instead of obeying God, a lot of people stopped to build a city and a tower that reached the heavens, the Tower of Babel. They were prideful. They wanted people to see what they had done and think they were such amazing people. But we’re supposed to bring attention to God, not to ourselves! They weren’t obeying God. This doesn’t mean people can never build a tower. It just means those people shouldn’t have built one, because they weren’t obeying God!

God knew that they were all together and getting themselves in trouble. So God, in his love, had a plan to protect them from getting themselves even further caught up in rebelling against Him. He confused their languages so they no longer spoke one language. They couldn’t communicate with one another to build their tower any more, and it forced them to travel out and fill the earth, just like God had told them to do before. This explains how people came to settle in various countries around the world, develop different cultures, and speak different languages.

Check out the pictures of our day below. We made some nifty crafts and eagerly participated in quiz time to share what we'd learned!

We also practiced sounding like a thunderstorm! How did we do?