Teen Blitz at Camp Peniel

In the absence of overnight camp options this summer, Peniel Bible Camp is offering a single-day event geared toward teens. Grace will be taking a group.


7th through the 12th grade or just graduated


Saturday, July 18, from 10 AM to 5 PM (leaving the church at 8 AM and returning about 8 PM)


a day of spiritual encouragement and fun activities, including a challenge from God's Word and lunch from the grill


$15 + money for a fast-food dinner on the way home


Peniel Bible Camp is located at 3260 OH-314, Fredericktown, OH 43019. We will meet at 8 AM at Grace. Parents should plan to pick up their teens about 8 PM at Grace.

You must fill out this waiver and bring it with you.

If cost is an issue, please talk to Pastor Steve.

Sign Up by July 13 (Payment required) and download the required waiver.

  • Collin had a witnessing opportunity with his neighbor, Mr. Nells
  • Sam P. - Witnessing opportunity with Adam, a classmate from Auburn
  • Mr. Major

  • Carissa's health and recovery from her head injury
  • Mr. Major's recovery from radiation and chemo

  • Mr. Major started chemo yesterday.
  • Scarlett's brother is in a foster home right now; he could possibly live with the Stenoiens.
  • Brenna's family

  • Jeremy - Aunt is leaving to help fight the coronavirus; her daughter Lily is staying at Elanor's and Jeremy's houses, please pray for opportunities with her.
  • Major's dad is starting chemo and radiation
  • Leah's aunt might have the coronavirus
  • Ms. Baier's health and recovery