Thursday was the last day of zooming around Zoomerang at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior!

Our "fair dinkum" (excellent, genuine, and true) verse today was Ephesians 2:10: "For we are his workmanship."

Mates capped off the Zoomerang adventure with a stop in the Outback of Coober Pedy. Ringo the Dingo is undeniably cute, but he also helped mates understand that not only are they made for a relationship with God, but for a specific purpose. God has a plan for each mate. Mates learned a big three-syllable word, “workmanship.” This word means we are God’s masterpiece or most important creation. God makes His workman holy and fit for service to Him. God has a plan for each mate to be like Jesus and to serve Him.

After our rotation, we welcomed our parents and siblings to our final closing assembly. Our now-seasoned "mates" showed their families all the verses and songs they learned this week, then we all enjoyed a picnic together. We were thankful for great weather all week, and we're so glad to have met all of you. "Hooroo" until next year!