We learned more about the two kingdoms today at Grace Bible Day Camp, and how we can be part of the good kingdom!

The battle between the Red Raiders and the Navy Knights was neck-in-neck today! The Red Raiders had more points from yesterday, but the Navy Knights dominated in afternoon games at the park. Sir Brandir will give us another points update tomorrow -- which team will be ahead?

Our memory verse today was Colossians 1:13, "He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son."

Today the troops learned more about the two kingdoms. The first kingdom is ruled by Satan. Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, we all are born into this kingdom. As the Veritas Verse for today describes, Jesus transfers out of the bad kingdom and into the good Kingdom! How amazing that through faith in His death and resurrection, each soldier-in-training can have the forgiveness and redemption required to enter God’s Kingdom! Wily the fox is a sneaky animal, and his lies try to keep people from believing in Jesus and changing kingdoms.

The rhyme of the day was “decide your side.” Campers were encouraged to think about whose kingdom they are in. We each have a choice to make if we don't want to stay in the bad kingdom.

Enjoy some pictures from the day below and a video of our camp theme song!