We welcomed 67 preschoolers and kindergartners aboard the Great Jungle Journey cruise today at Grace Bible Day Camp Junior! See a few pictures below from the first day.

ALL ABOARD! The travelers set off on their cruise today and enjoyed many activities on their jungle cruise. They traveled to rainforest rec, rain or shine Bible time, canopy café, and tree-mendous crafts.

On Day 1, our memory verse was Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." We even learned a song to help us learn the words!

Our Bible theme was that God created All Good, but All People Sin. The Scripture stop of the day taught that God created all things to be perfect and good. Yet man decided to sin, and sin corrupted the world. Now, all people sin and are guilty before God. NOBODY does good in God’s eyes (Psalm 14:3). This is the bad news of the Jungle Journey. We will learn the rest of the week how it got worse for man, but how God is kind and sent His Son, Jesus, to die and reverse the curse!