Every year, the Youth group invites the Maturity Matters group to join them for a meal. It's a great time to connect across generations, fellowship, and share wisdom!

We call this a "Titus 2" meal because of Paul's instruction in that chapter for older saints in the church to instruct the younger.

This year, the teens made breakfast for dinner which was enjoyed by everyone! After serving the food, the teens joined the tables for conversation and laughter.

Each table group got to know each other better playing a "Truth or Fiction" game. One person told 3 stories (two truth, one fiction) and the other members of the table guessed which story was fiction!

Pastor Steve gave a short message from 2 Timothy 2, then the groups prayed together. Maturity Matters members also shared with the teens practical insight into how they have developed a personal habit of devotion.

It was another time of rich fellowship and learning that these groups look forward to every year!