Which recordings are available online?

We record all regular worship services as well as many special events. We record sermons, baptisms, and certain special presentations. We do not record music (Why?).

Generally, only worship service sermons are available online. We also post recordings for special events such as S.I.T. Weekends. Other recordings are available in CD or MP3 format via the Audio Request Form.

Where are the downloads for Sunday Night/Wednesday Night services?

Because of limited resources, we can't permanently store and index all of our services online. You can request a CD or MP3 recording of an evening service via the Audio Request Form.

Do you record musical performances?

We would love to record and share all of the congregational singing, choir numbers, and special pieces offered during worship services. Unfortunately, most of the music available for use is copyrighted, and license restrictions prevent us from doing so. For this reason, we do not record any musical pieces.

If you would like a recording of a certain musical piece and if you are sure that the license permits this, you are welcome to record the performance yourself, provided that doing so will not create a distraction from worship for those around you.

I still have questions.

If you still have questions about our recording guidelines, contact the Audiovisual ministry.