Acts 18

  • Acts 18-19

    Paul returns to previously planted churches to strengthen them, then goes to Ephesus, establishing a church which impacts the nearby region.

  • Acts 18:1-22

    Paul took the gospel to the city of Corinth as his last stop in his second missionary journey.

  • Acts 18

    Personal and Ministry Integrity: The Foundation of Spiritual Boldness.

    Paul had mentored Timothy for some time now. Timothy learned boldness in spite of timidity and learned to recognize and exercise his spiritual gifting. Timothy had watched Paul endure persecution and stay true to the gospel. By Acts 18, Timothy was strengthened to be an encouragement to his own teacher when Paul needed it. God has called every believer to be a spiritual encouragement to other saints. Even mature saints get tired and sometimes think about quitting, and even new believers can encourage these mature saints.