• Acts 28:17-31

  • Acts 27-28:16

    Tonight we follow Paul through storm and shipwreck on his journey to Rome.

  • Acts 24-26

    Before governors, giving testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ, Paul finally appeals his case to Caesar then to the king himself.

  • Acts 22:30-23:35

    A Look at the Providence of God which Provided Paul with an Open Door for the Gospel in Roman Provinces

  • Acts 21:27-22:29

    Relating the Gospel Personally Elicits a Powerful Response

  • Acts 21:1-26

    Authentic Unity Produces Effective Gospel Ministry

  • Acts 20:17-38

    Tonight we get a sneak peak into one of the early church’s most poignant moments: a private conversation of elders.

  • Acts 20:17-38

    Tonight we get a sneak peek into one of the early church's most tender of times: a private conversation of elders.

  • Acts 20:1-16

    Though an evangelist, Paul always made it a priority to strengthen and maintain relationships with believers.

  • Acts 19:21-20:6

    Tonight we continue our study of the heroic acts of the Holy Spirit as He presses the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome.

  • Selected Passages

    The Wisdom of Anticipation in the New Testament

  • Acts 18-19

    Paul returns to previously planted churches to strengthen them, then goes to Ephesus, establishing a church which impacts the nearby region.

  • Acts 18:1-22

    Paul took the gospel to the city of Corinth as his last stop in his second missionary journey.

  • Acts 17

    God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility go hand-in-hand as the Gospel spreads to the nations.

  • Acts 16

    Since God enables the Gospel to spread, we must be willing to adjust to His scope and His timing.

  • Acts 15:36–16:5

    Saints Who are Growing in Grace Must Trust God and Trust One Another

  • Acts 15:1-29

    As souls are saved, the Church must work to maintain unity in doctrine and practice.

  • Acts 14

    As the gospel goes forward, we should expect and prepare for different audiences and different responses.

  • Acts 13

    God’s servants, regardless of their role, will have a missional function in his plan.

  • Acts 12:1-25

    If God wills, the Gospel will spread and no obstacle, whether it be difficult circumstances or defiant people, will stop Him!