• Selected New Testament Passages

    The Progress of the Church and our Personal Responsibility.

    Why does the church do what it does? Why do we gather? Why don't we do certain things? We must answer not in terms of resources or building but instead of the mission. We will look at the progress of the church and see the direct connection we have today with the first church commissioned by Jesus Christ.

  • Acts 28:17-31

  • Acts 27-28:16

    Tonight we follow Paul through storm and shipwreck on his journey to Rome.

  • Acts 24-26

    Before governors, giving testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ, Paul finally appeals his case to Caesar then to the king himself.

  • Acts 22:30-23:35

    A Look at the Providence of God which Provided Paul with an Open Door for the Gospel in Roman Provinces

  • Acts 21:27-22:29

    Relating the Gospel Personally Elicits a Powerful Response

  • Acts 21:1-26

    Authentic Unity Produces Effective Gospel Ministry

  • Acts 20:17-38

    Tonight we get a sneak peak into one of the early church’s most poignant moments: a private conversation of elders.

  • Acts 20:17-38

    Tonight we get a sneak peek into one of the early church's most tender of times: a private conversation of elders.

  • Acts 20:1-16

    Though an evangelist, Paul always made it a priority to strengthen and maintain relationships with believers.

  • Acts 19:21-20:6

    Tonight we continue our study of the heroic acts of the Holy Spirit as He presses the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome.

  • Selected Passages

    The Wisdom of Anticipation in the New Testament

  • Acts 18-19

    Paul returns to previously planted churches to strengthen them, then goes to Ephesus, establishing a church which impacts the nearby region.

  • Acts 18:1-22

    Paul took the gospel to the city of Corinth as his last stop in his second missionary journey.

  • Acts 17

    God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility go hand-in-hand as the Gospel spreads to the nations.

  • Acts 16

    Since God enables the Gospel to spread, we must be willing to adjust to His scope and His timing.

  • Acts 15:36–16:5

    Saints Who are Growing in Grace Must Trust God and Trust One Another

  • Acts 15:1-29

    As souls are saved, the Church must work to maintain unity in doctrine and practice.

  • Acts 14

    As the gospel goes forward, we should expect and prepare for different audiences and different responses.

  • Acts 13

    God’s servants, regardless of their role, will have a missional function in his plan.