• Matthew 6:25-34

    The Provision of God in the New Year.

    It is natural for humans to worry, but in a life governed by God, worry will be controlled. Believers don't have to dwell in anxiety.

  • Matthew 6:16-24, 31-33

    The Provision of God in the New Year.

    Our theme for the year will be "Doing Divine Things Together."

    The book of Matthew has 5 discourses and 5 narrative sections presenting Christ as the King. Our passage today is part of the Sermon on the Mount, which is not new information. As one author described, "It is the wisdom of God inviting all of us through faith to orient our vision, values, and habits from the ways of external righteousness to wholeheartedness towards God. Jesus' method of teaching uses thematic structures, images, and poetic language to allow His listeners more simple ways to remember, meditate on, and memorize Christ's heart on how to live every day."

  • Matthew 27:27-66

    The Passion Week of Christ, Continued

  • Matthew 24:32-25:46

    The Olivet Discourse, Part 2

  • Matthew 23:37-24:31

    The Olivet Discourse, Part 1

  • Matthew 22:41-23:36

    Even noble human pursuits distract from the greatness of Christ’s salvation.

  • Matthew 20:17-34

    Facing Jerusalem: As Jesus wraps up his preaching ministry. He sets out on His final journey to Jerusalem with complete trust in his Father.

  • Matthew 16:21-27

    Jesus the King defines the terms of being His disciple.

  • Matthew 16:13-20

    "Who is the Son of Man?" Jesus asked His disciples this most important question in a unique setting at Caesarea Philippi. What is your answer?

  • Matthew 4:12-25

    Jesus is a King like no other, with the divine right to rule your life.

    The book of Matthew was written to a Jewish audience to convince readers that Jesus is the promised Messiah. Our passage immediately follows Jesus' coronation (His baptism by John) and His testing by God. Unlike any other king, Jesus performed perfectly under the test. He resisted the tempter, commanded his worship, and finally banished him.

    What will the reign of this King be like? Matthew 4:12-25 shows the first three acts of King Jesus which set the tone for His rule.

  • Matthew 1:18-25

    God longs to do supernatural things through simple people serving their Savior together.

    What kind of man would God the Father choose to be the earthly father of His Kingly Son? Simple descriptions from Matthew 1 reveal the noble character of Joseph, who would otherwise be an obscure character in history. From his example, we can learn the nobility of simple service in our local church. Our chief end is not self-promotion but to give glory to God. The best thing we could ever hear is for our Savior to say that we glorified Him and allowed Him to work through us for eternal purposes. Anything else is only a temporary achievement and ultimately failure.