• The Passion Week of Christ, Continued

  • The Olivet Discourse, Part 2

  • The Olivet Discourse, Part 1

  • Even noble human pursuits distract from the greatness of Christ’s salvation.

  • Jesus the King defines the terms of being His disciple.

  • "Who is the Son of Man?" Jesus asked His disciples this most important question in a unique setting at Caesarea Philippi. What is your answer?

  • Jesus is a King like no other, with the divine right to rule your life.

    The book of Matthew was written to a Jewish audience to convince readers that Jesus is the promised Messiah. Our passage immediately follows Jesus' coronation (His baptism by John) and His testing by God. Unlike any other king, Jesus performed perfectly under the test. He resisted the tempter, commanded his worship, and finally banished him.

    What will the reign of this King be like? Matthew 4:12-25 shows the first three acts of King Jesus which set the tone for His rule.