Genesis 2

  • Genesis 2

    The Whole of Us Is to Be All of God's.

  • Genesis 1-2

    The Awesome Greatness and Profound Goodness of God.

    Genesis contains the beginnings of everything except God. Evans says, “Genesis is the seedplot of the whole Bible, and the groundwork for the entire revelation as contained in the remaining 65 books that make up the Bible.” If Genesis were to be dethroned, the entire Bible would be undermined as a result. Despite efforts to do so for many years, not one word has been broken – because it is God’s Word, preserved forever.

    Hamilton notes the striking shortness of the Creation account and the Fall of man into sin. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. What is most important to us is that God desires man to please Him and to know His Word & to learn to walk with him by faith.” In the grand scope of Genesis, to simply believe the basic facts of Creation and the Fall is not difficult. Most of the book shows us how to live well in a fallen world – this is our more difficult task.

    The account of Creation in Genesis 1-2 reveals much to us about God and His purpose in creating.