John 16

  • John 16:12-33

    The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

    In chapter 15, Jesus tells us there are going to be difficulties for His followers. These difficulties come from the world outside the church and from within it. One would think this would be the best time for Jesus to be by our side. However, He also tells His disciples that He will be going away -- and that it is to their advantage that He goes away.

  • John 16:4-11

    What God Says about the Holy Spirit.

    Last week, we talked about how the world of unbelievers will hate Jesus' followers, because the world hated Jesus. Jesus told His disciples this to prepare them for what was to come.

  • John 15:18-16:4

    The World Hated Christ and Will Also Hate Christians.

    In the believing community, it is normal to share how God saved us and hear others shout in agreement!But in John 15, Jesus tells us to expect something very different from the world. In verse 18, Jesus wants His disciples to know that the world will hate them since it hated Him. Even if our experience has not displayed this hatred, we need to filter our experience through what the Bible says. The truth of the Bible is that believers will be opposed as long as they live among unbelievers.

  • John 14-16