The Consoling Love of Our Resurrected Savior.

John 20:11-18 tells of Mary Magdalene encountering the risen Jesus. In this account, we see Jesus' consoling love that is simple and profound.

Jesus' Saving Love

Luke 8:1-3 gives the background story of Mary Magdalene's relationship with Jesus. She was from an affluent town, but was possessed by seven demons, making her an outcast to her friends and family. Jesus had healed and forgiven her, restoring her to her family. She even regained the ability to work and means to contribute to Jesus' ministry as they traveled. Mary's backstory shows us that no situation is past saving. It is never too late to be forgiven for the wrong that separates us from God and others.

Jesus' Settling Love

In John 20:1-10, we see that the disciples weren't expecting Jesus to be raised from the dead, even though they understood the idea of resurrection.

The narrative of John 20:11-18 describes Mary's weeping several times. The word used means to sob uncontrollably. The agony of Mary's mourning only deepened when she was unable to pay honor to Jesus' body. She didn't recognize the men in the tomb as angels. They call her by a term of respect (as "woman" was in that day) and ask a question of compassion. Their words are meant to point out that there is really no reason to cry, but Mary is too distracted by her grief.

Mary does not recognize Jesus either until He calls her by her personal name of "Miriam." Then her tears of mourning are turned to rejoicing.

Jesus continues to love those He has redeemed even when we are in agony and unbelief. His love never falters (John 13:1).

Jesus' Sanctifying Love

When Jesus has restored Mary's joy, He patiently teaches her. He calls to her mind what she had learned from the Old Testament and His own prophecies about His resurrection. She calls him Teacher and recognizes that He is God. She shares the news of His resurrection with the other disciples.

Application Points

  • We all have struggled with the consequences of death in the past 2 years. Even when we are grieving and struggle to believe, Jesus' love never falters. His resurrection gives us reason to rejoice, get up, and keep going together with Him.

  • "It is important to remember that Jesus said that others will know we are Christians not by the degree of our theological correctness but by our love for one another." Believer, you are living proof of Jesus' resurrection and the consolation of His love. Do you love others in the patient and faithful way that Jesus loves you?