The Resurrection Appearance Teaches that Christ Is Our Provider.

John 21 records Jesus’s love and care for Peter. Believers often identify with Peter’s frailty of faith. In His appearance to Peter on the shores of Galilee, Jesus teaches Peter that He is the Provider even when a believer fails Him.

The Destination: From failure to our obedience, Christ provides.

Though Peter’s failure was great, he obeys Jesus (John 21:1-4) by being in Galilee where the disciples were told to meet Him (Matthew 26:26-35; 28:7, 10, 16).

Jesus uses Peter’s background to manifest Himself to Peter and the disciples. Peter had a boat and was a fisherman by trade (Luke 5), so it is not surprising that he and the other disciples spent time fishing while waiting for Jesus to arrive. Having fished all night, the disciples are frustrated with their catch of nothing.

The Drought: From nothing, Christ can provide everything.

Jesus, addressing the disciples as children, asks if they have caught fish, having already appointed the lack (John 21:5-8). These frustrated men do not realize that it is Jesus calling to them. When they obey His instructions to let down the net on the right side of the boat, the abundance of fish does not allow them to haul the net in.

The drought of fish teaches the disciples that Jesus provides abundantly.

The Details: From first meeting until now, Christ provides through relationship.

When the disciples disembark on the shore of Galilee, they find that Jesus has prepared a charcoal fire with fish and bread awaiting them (John 21:9-14). It had been cold and dark (John 13) when Peter had three times denied the Lord while warming himself by another charcoal fire (John 18:15-18, 25-27).

During this third resurrection appearance, Jesus is teaching His disciples that He provides. In the mission of men’s souls, there is no catch unless Jesus provides.

Application Points

  • Can you identify with Peter in having experienced fear, failure, and frustration? Out of nothing that you have, Jesus can provide everything.

Tools for Further Study

Cross References to Explore
  • Matthew 26, 28; Luke 5, John 18