Morning Worship Series

Two Are Better Than One.

Solomon's examination of the apparent anomalies and contradictions that confront our lives every day continues in Ecclesiastes 4. Walter Kaiser describes the progression of thought from chapter 3 to chapter 4 as follows:


God’s Wisdom in the Natural Rhythms of Life.

We have divided the third chapter of Ecclesiastes into 3 sections.

  • God's Providence in the Natural Rhythms of Our Life
  • The Perspective of God's Wisdom
  • The Plain Truth of Applying God's Wisdom

This week, we will examine several plain truths to apply God's wisdom to our lives.


You Need to Approach God's Word as Essential to Your Relationship with Him and Relevant to Your Daily Life.

One thing you can find almost anywhere you go, including in hotel rooms, is a Bible. When a person opens a copy of God's Word, what should they expect? How do you approach the Bible?


God's Wisdom in the Natural Rhythms of Life.

God has a personal plan for each person within His larger plan. Sometimes this truth is hard to believe when we go through confusing or difficult circumstances. Just as there is a purpose for each piece within a large model of a plane or ship, there is purpose in every aspect of your life.


A Joyful Disposition Regardless of Life's Circumstances.

The next section of Ecclesiastes that we will study is chapters 3-5. First, we look at the summary at the end of the section, Ecclesiastes 5:18-20. Notice the multiple synonyms Solomon uses: rejoice, enjoy, and gladness. Those who are walking with God will be known for their joy. Those who are not walking with God will be known for grumpiness.


The Only Life Purpose that Truly Satisfies


The Pitfalls of Finding Satisfaction in Just Having Fun.

Finish this statement for yourself: "I would be happy if I had _________."

We know already from our study of this book that nothing created can satisfy the immaterial part of us, our souls, because we live in a fallen world. The Lord wants us to pursue knowledge of all kinds, although knowledge alone will not leave us ultimately fulfilled.


Purposeful Hands and Feet of Effective Ministry.

Last week, we learned 4 spiritual anchors that children need from their moms, and spiritual progeny need from their mentors, after salvation. This week, we will see what those 4 principles look like in developing effective servants of the local church.


Why does boasting evil flourish? What is God going to do about the evil in this world?

It's easy to feel defeated when we see wickedness in the world. How can a loving God allow such evil to prevail? What must the righteous keep in mind to combat the anger and rage at wickedness?


The Finite Influence of Human Wisdom.

We are expected to pursue human wisdom and enjoy that pursuit while understanding that only God's wisdom will satisfy us in Jesus Christ.


Organizing Life by God's Principles

Pastor Tim Potter leads an in-depth study of Paul's first epistle to Timothy.

Pastor Tim Potter leads us through an in-depth look at the first book of the Bible.

Paul's epistle to the church in Ephesus.