A Faith Consistently Lived and Conscientiously Kept.

In John 14, all the disciples except Judas are in the upper room with Jesus. These men have been following Jesus for three years and have seen His power firsthand, evidencing that He is the Son of God. Jesus has told them that He is going away, and they cannot follow at this time. Understanding their emotions, Jesus tells them repeatedly to let not their hearts be troubled (John 14:1, 27; 16:6).

Obedience Consistently Lived

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments,” Jesus says (John 14:15). Our love for Christ is evidenced not by emotions, but by the actions of obedience. Obedient living is not optional for a Christian. Obedience is so critical for Christian living that Jesus gives another Helper (John 14:16). There is now a person of the Godhead within each believer to accomplish obedience. The Holy Spirit produces in us a faith that is consistently lived and conscientiously kept.

Another of the Same

The ability to consistently live our faith comes from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Because Jesus cares about how we live (John 14:15-29), He asks the Father who sends another, the Spirit (John 14:16-17). The grammar of the Greek word "another" can have two different meanings. The first meaning is to have another of the same kind, as is seen in John 14:16, while the second usage means a different kind.

Galatians 1:6 uses the second meaning of "another" in that the Galatians were following a different (or another) gospel. Galatians 1:7 continues that the gospel the Galatians are following is "really not another" (of the same kind), using the first meaning of "another." Understanding the difference in the meanings of the word "another" is important because in John 14, Jesus is asking the Father for another Helper, a distinct person of the same kind. The same kind is also deity like Jesus: helper, comforter, one who prays, one who gives truth.

There is no one English word equal to the Greek word for "helper." The meaning encompasses the idea of advocate, helper, assistant, comforter, and counselor. We can best understand how the Spirit ministers to us by understanding how Jesus ministered to His disciples. By studying the life of Jesus in the gospels, we learn that He was present with them, ministering truth, comforting, praying, and so much more.

Distinct Persons

Jesus and the Spirit are the same kind of helper, but they are distinct persons of the Godhead. Though Jesus is leaving to be with His Father, He tells the disciples that the Holy Spirit will be with them forever (John 14:16). Jesus, who put on flesh, could only be in one place at one time, while the Spirit is within each believer everywhere and all at once. Therefore, we are never alone and should take comfort in the truth that the Spirit is in us.

Because Jesus understands what the disciples are experiencing in their hearts, He asks the Father to send the Spirit, who would come after Jesus leaves. The ministry of the Spirit in our lives is effective because Jesus asked the Father, and the Father gave. Everything the Father gives is sufficient. The Spirit of God works the righteousness of Jesus in each believer.

Truth Conscientiously Kept

We now have the ability to conscientiously live out our faith because we know the truth and have the Spirit of Truth in us, who brings conviction when we stray from God’s truth (John 14:17). Just like Jesus, the Spirit is speaking truth to each believer (John 15:26, 16:13).

The complete Word of God which is ours today is the result of the Spirit’s ministry in other believers. The disciples did not have the Bible as we know it today, only the Old Testament. Jesus gave them more truth by the Spirit of Truth, providing for us the book of Acts and all the New Testament.

In John 14:17, we see that there is a specific ministry to which Jesus is calling the disciples and for which the Spirit is given. These are the men who would found the church, whose preaching would lead thousands to salvation in Christ, and who would be used to write the New Testament. The Spirit of God authenticates that these men are truly sent from Jesus.

We too have the same Spirit of Truth working in us today. We cannot lose the Spirit placed in us, who seals us for the day of redemption. We have a helper, a comforter, one who ministers truth to us through the Word of God which He provided for us. Because Jesus asked the Father who sent the Spirit, a faith that is consistently lived and conscientiously kept can be accomplished in the life of each believer. How effective is the Spirit of God!

Application Points

  • Have you considered the ministry of the Spirit of Truth in your life? Praise God for His Spirit that helps you understand the Word of God, grow in righteousness, and gives comfort in times of trouble.

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  • Acts 2, 4