• Ruth 1

  • Overview of Ruth

    God's desire and longing for His people and the world is redemption. Redemption is a necessity for all humanity (our greatest need), but God is not obligated to offer it. When redemption is made possible, it produces hope in the midst of helplessness.

    Listen to our past sermon series on Ruth from 2017 here.

  • Ruth 3-4

    The book of Ruth comes to its focal point in the person of Boaz as he steps into the role of a kinsman-redeemer, giving us a picture of the work of Christ on our behalf.

  • Ruth 2

  • Ruth 1

  • Ruth 1

    God’s mercy sustained a poor widow through a time of grief, turning her troubles into a blessing for all mankind. Please take time to read the book of Ruth, one of the most delightful accounts in the Scriptures.