Following Jesus

In John 1, Andrew and Simon Peter are introduced to Jesus, the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world. Though both follow Jesus, they have not yet officially left their nets to follow him as seen in the other gospels. After spending time with Jesus, Andrew hurries to find his brother, Simon Peter.

What Are We Seeking

The first recorded question of Jesus to his disciples is found in John 1:38 when He asks them what they are seeking. This is a question for each of us: What are we seeking?

Jesus’s question was about the motives of these men. Because Jesus knew the hearts of men (John 2:24), He understood that many who followed Him would follow with wrong motives, such as the desire to be fed or entertained.

Jesus knows each of our heart’s motives too. For the Christian, Jesus Christ is the answer to what we are seeking. Christ is to be our life (Col. 3:1-4).

Who Have We Found

"Who have we found?" is the second question implied in John 1:35-42. The passage tells us who they have found: the Messiah (Christ), the Anointed One (John 1:4). John the author wants the reader to know who Jesus is, describing Him with multiple titles in John 1: the Word, Creator, Source of Life, Light of Mankind, the Son of God the Father full of grace and truth, Messiah, Lamb of God, of Nazareth, of Joseph, Son of God, King of Israel, and Son of Man.

In Jesus we have someone who knows us, our past, present, and future. Jesus changes Simon’s name to Peter upon meeting him, speaking to what Peter would become (John 1:42). Jesus could do this because He has authority. His authority determined Peter’s destiny and cost Peter his life. Jesus has the same authority over each of our lives.

The moment we repent and trust in Christ at salvation, God gets all of us. God owns everything about our life, including how He made us, our body, mind, interests, health, career, relationships, free time, dreams, all of it (Mark 8:34-38). Because we have given our life back to Him, God will spend it as we grow into the realization of what that looks like. We must trust Him to whom we have given our life to spend our life (John 10:9-10).

Who Will We Tell

In John 1:41, we learn that Andrew finds his own brother first. Andrew is a disciple who brings people to Jesus (John 6:8-9; 12:20-22). One commentator says the most common and effective Christian testimony is the private witness of friend to friend, brother to brother. God calls us to share the gospel, but we have no control over the outcome. God calls us to obey and to trust Him with the results.

Application Points

  • What are you seeking? Have you identified with Christianity and church and yet are not a true follower of Christ?
  • Who have you found? Does your life belong to Jesus? Are you submitting every part of your life to His authority for His use?
  • Who will you tell? Are you obeying the Lord by sharing the gospel? Are you trusting the Lord with the results of your efforts?

Tools for Further Study

Cross References to Explore
  • John 13:3; 1 Cor. 15:27-28; Eph. 1:22; 1 Peter 3:22; Jude 1:25; Rev. 12:10 - Divine Authority