Jesus' Seventh & Greatest Sign.

For approximately 90 days between the events of John chapters 10 and 12, Jesus ministers in the Perean area. John 10 contains Jesus' last public invitation for the Jews to believe in Him, and John 11 contains Jesus' most powerful self-proclamation and most dramatic miracle.

Below is a simple outline that will guide our future study of this chapter:

  • Jesus receiving news about Lazarus (John 11:1-16)
  • Arrival of Jesus and His disciples in Bethany (John 11:17-37)
  • The miracle (John 11:38-44)
  • Results of Lazarus' resurrection and Jesus' proclamation (John 11:45-57)

In John 11:4, Jesus reveals the purpose of Lazarus's sickness: that God's glory in the Son would be publically manifested or revealed. Death and separation from God is the result of sin. Jesus demonstrates divine saving power over humanity's ultimate enemy in this miracle. Our changed lives also reveal God's saving power. Salvation is the greatest miracle we can witness today (or at any time) because it addresses humanity's greatest need.