The Provision of God in the New Year.

It is natural for humans to worry, but in a life governed by God, worry will be controlled. Believers don't have to dwell in anxiety.

Matthew 6:25, 31, and 34 give admonitions that become a lifestyle for the Christian. While seeking God's priorities, we will be able to live with anxiety under control. A lifestyle of unbelief, governed by self, will be consumed by worry.

Three key words will give us an outline for this passage.


Jesus tells us to take comfort and confidence in the care of our Father (Matthew 6:26). This relationship is not based on performance. Our Father feeds the birds, who never worry but are always active, enjoying the provision of their Creator.

God lavishly clothes his Creation in beauty (Matthew 6:28). The "lilies of the field" are wildflowers which are not even cultivated by humans. Their life with all its color is entirely sustained by God. We can be even more sure of His care, since we are made in God's image!


Our response to our relationship must be faith (Matthew 6:30). The body of doctrine that we believe all works together. We must make effort to develop our faith by learning more about its different facets (Hebrews 5:11-12). Those who are immature are typically more prone to be governed by anxiety.


We don't need to worry about tomorrow because God has promised to take care of our future (Matthew 6:34). Instead of recklessly giving no thought to the future or worrying about the consequences of our choices, we can be prepared to enjoy the reward of eternal fruit which will come from our faithfulness.

The world doesn't apologize for what governs their lives. They are a magnificent desolation – wonderfully created in God's image, but empty and purposeless without a relationship with Him. A Christian's difference in lifestyle should be evident and attractive. Everything we do must be motivated by an eternal answer to the question "Why?" We are to share the mission of our Savior: to make disciples.

Application Points

  • The words "look" and "observe" in verses 26 and 28 tell us that it is good to spend time reflecting on these things. Consider the activity of the birds, but without anxiety, and the beauty of the flowers that is provided for them without work. Be confident that your heavenly Father will also take care of you!
  • What can you do this year to develop the body of your faith so you can be healthy to make disciples? There are many options for growth in your knowledge just at Grace Church of Mentor! As you do this personally, with your family, and with others in your church family, anxiety in your life will be dealt with.
  • Is everything you do motivated by an eternal answer to the question "Why?" Why do you have a job, a family, and your particular skills? Do you live for the same mission as our Savior: to make disciples? This year, start praying in your own time and together in discipling relationships to be used by God for eternal purposes.

Tools for Further Study

Cross References to Explore
  • 1 Peter 4:8, 2 Corinthians 4:1-4 – There is always someone governing you. If it is not God, Satan seeks to control us through our reliance on self.