Cultivating Togetherness.

Humans need to be together and to celebrate something bigger than themselves. We also need to be together as God's people. We prepare to be with each other, and we enjoy being with our Christian family. Our unity is based on our position in Christ and our disposition produced by the fruit of the Spirit.

The body of Christ is an environment where we are free to weep, rejoice, be ourselves in Christ, worship together, and spur each other to love and do good. As we function as God intends, interpersonal conflicts will be minimal and short-lived.

Ephesians 4:2-3 contains 2 main participles: showing tolerance and preserving unity. Considering those goals, we will look at the verses through some key words.


The image of meekness is someone reaching out for help because their power to live resides in someone else. We primarily rely on the Lord to sustain our life, both physical and spiritual. Secondarily, we depend on Christ in one another.

Jesus was our perfect human example of meekness. He demonstrated reliance on His Father in Matthew 11:29. He even depended on his disciples in Matthew 26:36-41.

Meekness is essential if we are to understand the joy of our salvation. We are to serve with meekness (2 Corinthians 10:1-3). Part of depending on each other is helping each other when one is stuck in sin (Galatians 6:2).


There are various definitions of this word depending on the context. Some authors describe it as an ability to accept God's plan. Others define it as expressing love with room for failure. In this context, the meaning primarily has to do with people. We show patience with each other for the sake of being together in harmony.

Showing Tolerance

Tolerance can be understood as bearing something over time. As one continues to carry the weight, it gets easier. The camaraderie of sharing burdens also makes the weight more bearable as everyone does their job in the body of Christ. If we don't share our burdens with anyone, we will much sooner and more often feel like quitting. The love we express in our church family is not our own but Christ's.

Application Points

  • We rely on God's power to sustain our life. Secondarily, we depend on Christ in one another. Do you believe that you cannot live your Christian life without other believers?
  • Have you isolated yourself? Stop looking around at the flawed people around you and instead look up. By His nature, God delights in being together with others, and you are made in His image. What is one way you can begin to live out Christ's love and the unity of the Spirit with your church family?

Tools for Further Study

Cross References to Explore
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:14 – patience with people