Understanding the Nature and Practice of Spiritual Togetherness.

Ephesians 4 begins the practical section of the book in which Paul lays out the spiritual maturity necessary to produce godly character. Maturing Christians have the attitude that they have never arrived.

Preserving the unity that the Holy Spirit provides has a doctrinal nature. Walking in a manner "worthy" means to bring a balance. We continue to learn doctrine, and we must continue to apply it.

A list of seven "one"s in Ephesians 4:4-6 indicate maturity or completeness. We will look at the first one today.


In John 14:25-31, Jesus describes the positional peace He works for those who believe in Him. 1 Thessalonians 5:4-5, 9 says we are children of God, no longer children of wrath. Philippians 4:6-7 further describes the experiential peace we have in Christ. This is sourced outside ourselves, yet involves activity on our part that is imperative. We are commanded not to be anxious, but to trust, pray, and thank God. Anxious hearts must be self-settled in order to contribute peace to the body of Christ as a whole.

One Body

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 tells us more about the unified body of Christ. This is a global body of all believers in Christ, unified in its singular eternal purpose.

The body shows us God's impartiality. Our primary identity is no longer our race, socioeconomic status, or family background. We are primarily Christians. We are to see, honor, and imitate God's own impartiality when we deal with others and ourselves. We evaluate each other by who we are in Christ. Our character is defined by the Spirit, not our backgrounds.

Application Points

  • Are you experiencing the peace that Christ has provided for you positionally? Review the activity that is our responsibility in Philippians 4:6-7. Do not be anxious, but pray, trust God, and thank Him.
  • Do you reflect God's impartiality when you interact with others in the body of Christ? Evaluate your brothers and sisters by who they are in Christ. Character is defined by the Spirit, not someone's background.
A Hymn to Encourage: "Beneath the Cross of Jesus"

Beneath the cross of Jesus
I find a place to stand,
And wonder at such mercy
That calls me as I am;
For hands that should discard me
Hold wounds which tell me, “Come.”
Beneath the cross of Jesus
My unworthy soul is won.

Beneath the cross of Jesus
His family is my own—
Once strangers chasing selfish dreams,
Now one through grace alone.
How could I now dishonor
The ones that You have loved?
Beneath the cross of Jesus
See the children called by God.

Beneath the cross of Jesus—
The path before the crown—
We follow in His footsteps
Where promised hope is found.
How great the joy before us
To be His perfect bride;
Beneath the cross of Jesus
We will gladly live our lives.